Dr. Suzuki Aya

1.       Prof. Suzuki Aya

Prof. Suzuki Aya is a Professor at Department of International Studies/Development Economics, Agricultural Economics, University of Tokyo. She has many research which have interest on examining how developing countries can reduce poverty levels. As creating employment opportunities and developing industries are crucial components for this purpose, she has been studying the process of agricultural (particularly high-value agriculture) and industrial development. She mainly conducts empirical research using micro-level data and applied econometrics methods with a focus on a particular industry. She joins Japanese Association for Development Economics (2019-: Board member), Japanese Economic Association, The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan, Agricultural and Applied Economics Association. She also Affiliated faculty member of the Institute for Future Initiatives (IFI) and of the Graduate School of Public Policy (GraSPP) within the University of Tokyo (2018-), Research project member of the Institute of Developing Economies (2012-19), Visiting researcher of the JICA Research Institute (2015-2020), Editorial board member of the Asian Development Review (2018-)